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Making CD Registers Simple

Supervised Administration

MonitrReg allows for four supervised doses of medication over the course of a day.  This can be increased to allow multiple, more supervised doses, in order to administer PRN medication. 

Stock Management

Using a L.A.N. connection, MonitrReg allows users to view stock on all wards or wings, makin for easier stock management. If an establishment has has an inhouse pharmacy, user are able to check stock levels from other locations in the hospital or prison when ordering an Rx, ensuring enough stock is available

Ward/Wing Specific

With MonitrReg, users are able to create wards or wings, and keep stock  and patients specific to each ward. this allows for easier management of both stock and patients, throughout the establishment. 

Patient Specific Registers

Alongside ward or wing stock medication, MonitrReg enables each patient to have multiple registers of their own, allowing accurate maintenance and recording of patient named medication. 

Transfer & Receive

MonitrReg allows users to transfer and receive stock between wards or wings. This enables users to send stock from pharmacy to other wards or wings, and receive it at the other side, minimising the risk of error.

Colour Coordination

Each type of entry onto the register appears with a different background colour. This helps with the completion of audits, as it clearly displays the frequency in which certain actions, e.g. stock checks, have been undertaken.


MonitrReg allows users to filter the CD register, by options such as date & type of entry. E.g. stock check, reconcile, transfer, & receive. This reduces time spent searching these in a paper register.


MonitrReg allows in register searches. For example, searching for a batch number in case of a recall, thus ensuring the right medication is recalled at the right time.

Why MonitrReg?

MonitrReg is an electronic controlled drugs register which specialises in the supervised administration of medication. MonitrReg focuses on administration of medication in a ward or prison based setting.

With MonitrReg it maintains legalities which include:

  • The author of each entry is identifiable
  • Entries cannot be altered at a later date
  • A log of all data entered is kept and can be recalled for audit purposes

MonitrReg also eases users experience when it comes to:

  • Audits
  • Saving time
  • Easy to use
  • Reducing errors
  • Tracking stock levels anywhere

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